AWANA is an acronym for “Approved Workers Are Not Ashamed” (from 2 Timothy 2:15).  It is the name for our high-energy children’s program to help children learn many important Bible verses.  There are always exciting games to go along with this proven Scripture-based program to promote Bible literacy and help kids develop a lifelong faith in Christ.   The children meet every Wednesday evening during the school year from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm.
ubbies For children ages Pre-K to 5 years old
Sparkies – For Children K-2nd grade
T & T (Truth & Training) – For children 3rd-6th grade
Awana Commander:  Carol Zatkiewicz
Awana Secretary: Cindy Doolittle
Children’s Ministry Director: Carol Zatkiewicz
Come and see our brand new Children’s Education wing  where the kids have their Bible learning time, and our newly expanded fellowship hall where the Awana games are played! 
Awana Logo

Friday, October 13   6-8 pm   Cornerstone Baptist Church

      Our 2017-18 Awana Year began September 13.  

It’s never too late to join us! 

                                                        Questions?  Call 243-0048 or 243-4514
2017-18 Theme Nights 


                   Date                                       Event                                  

              September  13                  S’mores and Campfire Night                          

              October  13                       Harvest Fest Outreach??                                

              October  21                       Awana Conference (Batavia, NY)               

              November  15                  Military Recognition Night                           

              November  22                  No Awana                                                            

              December 20                   No Awana                                                           

              December 27                   No Awana                                                           

              January  17                     Backward Night                                                 

              February  14                  Morgan Estates                                                  

              February 21                   Bible Character Dress-up Night                    

             March  28                        Resurrection Night                                           

             April  11                           Grand Prix                                                             

             May 9                               Final Night/Picnic                                             


Congratulations, Team
on your 2017
1 st Place Finish!