Missions Outreach

Cornerstone is thrilled to be part of the spread of God’s kingdom around the world!  We are active in supporting many missionaries with our giving and with our prayers.  Below are the pictures and profiles of the various missionaries  with whom we have partnered.

Foreign Missions:

Wilson & Pamela Maungo
– Serving in Kenya
The Maungos are nationals, born and raised in Kenya, and we have partnered with them in their ministries
of starting 72 churches, Bible Institutes, Christian schools and orphanages.  Their ministries have expanded
into Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and DRC.  They serve with International Gospel Missions (IGM).     
Joseph and Marianna Samuel
– Serving in India
The Samuels are nationals, born and raised in India.  We have partnered with them in their ministries of
starting churches, gospel and medical camps, widow and orphan care, pastor training and Bible and gospel
literature distribution.  They serve with International Gospel Mission (IGM).

Cross-Cultural Home Missions:

Tom and Sharon Huckel Jewish Evangelism (Hananeel Ministries)
– Serving in Philadelphia, PA
The Huckels have shown Christ’s love to hundreds of immigrants from Russia and elsewhere, many of whom 
have a Jewish background.  Through the Huckels’ ministries of teaching English and presenting Jesus as the Messiah through the feasts of Israel, many have come to embrace Jesus as their Messiah. 
Tom is a gifted Bible prophecy teacher, and he is the director of Hananeel Ministries.
Jim and Carol Garcines – Filipino and other ethnic ministries
– Serving in Sacramento, CA (and surrounding areas)
The Garcineses are natives of the Philippines whom God has used to reach the Filipino community in California 
with the gospel of Christ.  They have started churches in San Jose and Sacramento, and are now spreading
the gospel in Modesto, CA in the hope of starting another church.  Jim is also a gifted hospital chaplain who
serves the Lord and leads many to Christ in several hospitals.  The Garcineses serve with the Association of
Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE).

Starting Churches in the USA:

Jeff and Connie Benner
– Serving in Surprise, AZ
The Benners were instrumental in helping to start our own church here in Geneseo, and Jeff served
as one of the original deacons and also as a youth leader at Cornerstone.  The Benners left Geneseo and started a church in Florida, and then moved on to their current work of starting a Bible-based church just north of Phoenix, Arizona.  The Benners serve with Continental Baptist Missions (CBM).
Tom Logsdon
– Serving in Grand Rapids, MI
Tom is the founding missionary-pastor of our own church here in Geneseo, NY.  God called the Logsdons
to start Bible-based churches in the USA, and Cornerstone was the third church they started.  Over the past
20 years Tom has served in mentoring other missionary church-planters, and has also helped to “rescue”
several other churches that needed missionary assistance.  Sherry passed away this fall after a long battle with dimentia. Tom serves with Continental Baptist Missions (CBM).
Bill and Terri Jenkin
– Serving in Grand Rapids, MI
After starting several churches in the USA, Bill has served over the past 15 plus years as the president
of Continental Baptist Missions (CBM) whose goal is to “re-church the USA” with gospel-preaching
churches.  Bill is a gifted evangelist and Bible conference speaker.  He has seen many men come to
know Christ as Lord and Savior through his speaking at game banquets for hunting and fishing

Specialized Missions Work:

Marlin and Donna Fuller – AWANA International Missionaries
The Fullers have given their lives to help churches reach children and their families with the gospel
of Christ through local church AWANA programs.  They have helped hundreds of churches to get
AWANA clubs started, emphasizing scripture memory, high energy games, and evangelism. They
have developed many leaders to serve in the churches and for Awana in western New York
and eastern Pennsylvania. The are now retired, but continue to be involved in teh grandparents ministry
of Awana and the Returning Hearts ministry to the imprisoned.
Ben and Katie Wooster – Missionary Builders with Continental Baptist Missions (CBM)
The Woosters have given their lives to helping churches with the physical construction of worship centers
and meeting places.  They were a major part of the building crew that helped our own church in its
recent building additions here in Geneseo.  While they were serving with us they became dear friends
and the Lord led our church to officially partner with them as they continue in their building ministry.
Pete and Darla Ringelberg – Missionary Builders with Continental Baptist Missions (CBM)
Pete was the lead-builder on the original construction of our main worship center and fellowship hall back in 1992. Pete now serves primarily in the home office of CBM preparing computerized architectural drawings for
new church buildings and additions.
Shirley Norman – Retired Missionary Builders with Continental Baptist Missions (CBM)
The Normans also served on the building crew that constructed our original worship center and fellowship hall back in 1992.  God has used them over the years to help construct many church facilities.  In their retirement
years they remain active serving the Lord in their home church in Florida.  Budd passed away in 2020. Shirley remains active in her local church ministries.
Chip & Karen Wood – Baptist Church Planters (BCP)

Chip and Karen Wood joined BCP to direct the BCP Youth Ministry. This encompasses the JOY Club and Teen Expeditions curricula. God has placed a deep burden on their hearts for the discipleship of youth and the training of their teachers and parents. They are passionate about the church and its mandate to disciple its members. 

Tim  Beth Tanner – Baptist Mid-Missions BMM)  Campus Bible Fellowship International (CBFI)

The Tanners will work on the Syracuse University campus with these goals:  To reach out to unsaved students and introduce them to Christ;  To provide sound, Biblical fellowship and discipleship for Christian students;  To connect students with a local church while in college so that they will desire to join strong, Bible-believing churches wherever they locate in the future.

We encourage all of our people to respond to God’s call for laborers, whether they live in a foreign country, another state, or minister right here in our own community.