God has been so good to us since our beginnings in 1987. Over the years many have received Christ as Savior, some have gone into full-time gospel ministry, and thirteen missionaries in various parts of the world are now part of the  Cornerstone ministry family.
Below are some of the key events and dates of the brief history of Cornerstone.
1987 – A group of believers in Christ from 1st Baptist Church of Pavilion, NY began meeting weekly for a Bible study at  a                home on Main Street in Geneseo.  They sought God’s leading for their goal of starting a church in the area.   
1988 – Purchased several acres of property on Reservoir Road having a house and 2 barns;  
 Renovated larger barn and began church services in the barn (now known as the “old building”)
1992 – Construction completed on a new auditorium and fellowship hall (led by CBM missionary builders)
  First church service held in new auditorium
1994 – Church calls Pastor John Zatkiewicz as first full-time pastor (to follow missionary-pastor Tom Logsdon)
2002 – Mortgage Burning Ceremony – Paid off 11 years early!
2006 – Church calls its first associate pastor
2010 – Three-Year Ministry Plan approved by church; Building Committee formed; Parking Lot expanded; 
               Old Building renovation completed
2011 – Church approves drawings for addition of Christian Education wing
2011 – 2014 – “Growing Together By Faith” Campaign conducted to begin saving $$ for building expansion
2014 – On June 15, 2014 (Father’s Day) we broke ground on our Christian Education wing; Construction led by CBM
               missionary builders
2015 – On June 14, 2015 the building was completed and we held a dedication and celebration service
2015 – In October an extension to the fellowship hall was also completed by the missionary builders